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About Us
Admiral Trucker (Nig) Limited logistics operation history predates its birth as a unique Nigerian corporate citizen with its incorporation on October 16th, 2008. Before that date, Admiral Trucker (Nig) Limited operated as an integral component of the multi-venture concern, Admiral Autotraders (Nig) Limited, which businesses cover, truck sales andservices-online terrestrial; internet-based automobile search engine services; sales/marketing of truck-related products and services; oil and gas haulage; general goods, equipment shipment and logistics services.

With phenomenal growth of the unit components of the above-mentioned businesses come diverse operational challenges, which necessitated a comprehensive reappraisal of the Admiral Autotraders (Nig) Limited business model. Closely moderated by Admiral Autotraders (Nig) Limited core objective of raising the bar in all spheres of business it undertakes in Nigeria, the review exercise involved inputs from employers and employees as well as its multi-faceted clientele base.

As against Admiral Autotraders (Nig) Limited integrated approach, coming to all submissions was the imperative of operational independence for the various business divisions in the organisation. And having decided to adopt the Unit Independence Operational Concept, management took another radical step by way of confering distinct corporate citizenship in the line with core trade or operations areas on each business unit in Admiral Autotraders (Nig) Limited. The day-to-day operations of these business entities would be executed without recourse to the centralised administrative apparatus of Admiral Autotraders (Nig) Limited, management said, and thus was born Admiral Trucker (Nig) Limited on October 16th, 2008.
Mission Statement
Admiral Trucker (Nig) Limited aims to provide complete satisfaction to our customers; comprehensively rewarding work-place experience for our employees; and value on shareholders investments, through total quality management, communication, innovation, and sustained profit management.

The value guiding our actions and relationships are hard work and "can-do-spirit", personal commitment to always deliver coupled with a sense of urgency and safety; honesty and integrity.

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